The Story Behind Evie Ivy

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My love for making things with a scroll saw began in my parent’s garage during my teenage years when I dabbled in making wooden gifts for family members. Life got busy, but the urge to create with a scroll saw returned after marriage and the birth of my daughter. My passion was rekindled when my husband found a cheap scroll saw and I found a little nook in a blistering hot attic which could suffice as my workshop.

My creative juices came back as I went to work, fashioning wooden toys for my daughter during her nap time. People who received my toys as gifts complimented me and encouraged me to sell them, but my commitment to my young and growing family took priority.

Eventually, my family settled into a home in New York, which unfortunately did not have space for a workshop. Nonetheless, I was undeterred and found a spot for my scroll saw on top of a dryer in my tiny basement. That little spot served as my outlet to design and create all kinds of decorative wood things.

As I displayed my designs around the house and continued to give them away as gifts, more and more people pressed me to sell them. Inspired by the support of my friends and family, I finally took the plunge and decided to sell some of my goods at craft shows. An old jump rope rhyme (blue bells, cockle shells, Evie ivy over…) served as the inspiration for my business name Evie Ivy.

While selling my designs at my first couple of boutiques, I discovered that my wood typography signs (that I created on a whim) were my most popular item and were getting plenty of attention. To my surprise, customers were raving about my signs. At subsequent shows, I couldn’t stock enough signs for the demand. Almost by accident, my typography signs have become my signature piece at boutiques and on

Thankfully, I no longer have to sweat it out in a hot attic and my scroll saw has found its own place on a work bench, but my commitment to  personally hand-cut and hand-craft each piece with the utmost of care and attention remains the same.

I enjoy coming up with new designs that are meant to remind all of us to appreciate our blessings and gifts, accentuate the positive, keep a proper perspective, celebrate the festive times and seasons and to enjoy the company of family and friends. Aside from the signature pieces I sell in my shop, I also enjoy designing and creating unique, custom pieces for clients.

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